Join Pack 680 Scouting



Recruiting Night: Wed, Sept 3, 2014, in theSt. Louis School Cafeteria at 7pm; bring your future Cub Scout with you (siblings are OK if you can't leave them at home)

Please contact Tony Nichols ( or 321-759-9673) or Sharon Kay (contact below) for questions.

You can also register with the Pack at any time by completing the forms indicated below and returning them together with your payment of the Pack registration fee to our Membership Chair, Sharon Kay (, 3725 Woodley Drive, Alexandria, VA 22309.


About the Pack


·         Cub Scout Pack 680 is chartered by St. Louis Catholic Church, 2907 Popkins Lane, Alexandria, VA 22309 (703-765-4421).

·         The Pack is open to boys in grades 1-5 in the Alexandria, VA area.

·         Pack 680 accepts applications year-round.

·         Our Membership Chair is Sharon Kay.  If you are interested in joining the Pack, please read the information below and click here to contact our Membership Chair.


Registering with Pack 680



In order to register your son with the Pack, you will need to complete a BSA Youth Application Form, a BSA medical form (parts A & B only, which do not require a doctor's signature), and pay the Pack partial-year registration fee of $30 (check made payable to "Pack 680"), which covers the BSA registration fee, Boys Life magazine, BSA insurance, and a few of the Pack costs (derby kits, patches, etc.). 


Explanation of Fees


The rest of the Pack costs are covered by revenue from our primary fundraiser: popcorn sales.  Because some parents have said that they do not have time to sell popcorn and would rather pay higher dues, a few years ago we instituted a popcorn opt-out fee.  Accordingly, you have the choice when you register either of (i) paying the regular $30/60 registration fee and committing to sell a minimum of $200 worth of popcorn; or (ii) paying another $75 ($105 for partial year total) to opt-out and not sell any popcorn.  The $75 opt-out fee is the equivalent amount that the Pack would net from a sale of $200 worth of popcorn.  Parents who decide to have their son sell popcorn rather than opt-out must sell $200 worth of popcorn because the Pack orders roughly $200 worth of popcorn in August for each boy that has not opted-out of selling.  Accordingly, if you sell less than $200, you may be required to purchase any unsold popcorn or pay a penalty fee.  You will need to decide whether you are opting out at the time you register.  Some of the kids like to sell because they can earn prizes and some of our individual dens often organize group sales to make it easier on the boys and parents. 

Note that in our area, fees are collected in January/February, so expect to pay the regular $60 fee then along with the rest of the pack.


Medical Forms


The medical form is kept on file for our overnight campouts in the fall and spring.  The medical form has four parts: A, B, C, and D.  Because Cub Scout Pack activities do not ordinarily involve events that last more than 72 hours, you only need to complete parts A and B, which do not require a physical examination by a medical provider.  (The link to the form provided above is to Parts A & B only.  If you require the entire form, it is available here.)  The only general exceptions to this are summer overnight camp (Goshen) and Webelos-ree in the fall.