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How to Join

Pack 680 accepts applications year-round for all ages.

The quickest and easiest way to join is to apply online.  This link brings you to, BSA's official online membership site.

The other way to apply is to fill out a paper application.  We always have some on hand that we can give you, or you can print it out from the Internet and bring it.

Regardless of how you apply, please contact us and let us know of your interest.  We will assign you to a den and notify the den leader.  He or she will contact you and tell you when the den meets.  The Cubmaster will invite you to pack activities.

The next step is to attend the next meeting!  If you’re undecided on joining, you can participate and see whether Scouting and this pack are a good fit for you.

Once you decide to join, we will need three things from you:
  1. The completed membership application (online, paper, or print out)
  2. A completed medical form
  3. Membership dues (pro-rated based on when in the year you join)


All boys in grades 1 through 5 (OR ages 7 through 10) may become Cub Scouts.  Once a boy completes fifth grade OR turns 11, he should join the Boy Scouts.

Grade 1 = Tiger cub
Grade 2 = Wolf cub
Grade 3 = Bear cub
Grade 4 = Webelos scout
Grade 5 = Arrow of Light scout

Boys in a non-traditional or home school are placed by age.  We will work with you to determine which den is best.

The youngest scouts may have to wait until they graduate from Kindergarten to start participating so they meet the eligibility requirements.  Older scouts can start participating right away.


Pack 680 charges $60 annual membership dues, which are collected in January.

Scouts who join after May 1st are only charged for half of the year ($30).  Then the next January you would pay $60 for the entire upcoming calendar year.

The membership dues only cover a portion of the cost of the program.  All scouts must also participate in fund-raising.

This means we ask each scout to sell $250 worth of Cub Scout popcorn or pay an opt-out fee of $80 per scout (also payable in January).  If you opt your scout out of fundraising, the total cost would be $140.

Fees pay for things such as camping, recognition items (awards/belt loops/trophies/patches), pinewood derby and raingutter regatta kits, the Blue and Gold banquet, supplies for den and pack meetings, liability insurance, Boys Life Magazine, and a few other things.

No scout is turned away due to an inability to pay.  For more information about this, talk to the Cubmaster and parents committee chair.


The pack supplies new members with the pack 680 patch and a pack t-shirt ("class b").  When boys advance to the next level at the end of the year, the pack supplies the new neckerchief and slide.

Parents are resposible for the rest of the uniform. New uniforms can be purchased at the Northern Virginia Scout Shop, 5232 Port Royal Rd, Springfield, VA 22151, or Tell the employee what grade your son is (our will be, if joining in May/Jun), that you already have the pack patch, and they will help with the rest.  You will need to know your den member too.

The membership chair sometimes has old uniforms donated by boys who have outgrown them.

See the uniform section of our website for more information.

About Religion and Membership

The Boy Scouts of America officially recognizes faith in God as a core piece of the Scouting program.  The Scouting program is non-sectarian, but units observe religious faith according to the chartering organization and their own beliefs.  Pack 680 adds a Catholic character to our activities, including prayers and participation in church services.

We welcome (and have) non-Catholics in our pack, and no one is required to take part in distinctly Catholic ceremonies or activities in conflict with their personal beliefs (per the BSA Charter and Bylaws).

Conversely, all adults associated with the pack are asked to maintain a supportive or neutral orientation towards Catholic teaching on faith and morals during official Scouting activities and interactions with the boys.